The Equipment


Since 2013 the company of Grüne Modellbau has been certified according to the Verband der Automobilindustrie/VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) and TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange). This ensures the confidential and secure handling of secret data, prototypes and models for our customers.

Our 2 mirrored server systems are located in different buildings.

In addition to the classic programs, Grüne Modellbau is also licensed to use CATIA, Solidworks, Solidcam, Delcam and Rhino. Grüne Modellbau’s workshop is equipped with all the machines and systems commonly used in model making. In our paint shop, we are able to mix more than 150,000 formulated shades of colour.

Our CNC department is equipped with 7 milling machines:

CNC 1×5- axis machine 1250x850x750mm (simultaneous)
CNC 1×3- axis machine 1500x1200x500mm
CNC 1×3- axis machine 1000x800x330mm
CNC 1×3- axis machine 1000x800x400mm
CNC 1×3- axis machine 700x500x200mm
CNC 2×3- axis machine 480x400x200mm

Rapid Prototyping:

2 x SLA system for different resins (transparent, elastic, different hardnesses, etc.) Size: 335x300x200 mm & 145x145x185 mm